Meet You at the Barre

Well, that’s an interesting thought, right?  Meet You at the Barre?  Well many of you have heard of the one kind, but how many have heard of the other one?  The barre.

The”barre” in ballet is an essential piece to training.  The “barre” is used by ballet dancers to help develop their fine tuned ballet skills.  Well, the use of that “barre” has transitioned into a big exercise trend in the United States.

Barre exercise is huge.  College campuses offer classes.  Local cities offer them too.  Even local gyms.  Not to mention the granddaddy of them all, Pure Barre.

Inspired by ballet dancers, a “Barre”workout centers around the “barre” that dancers use to perform their highly developed skills.    It is such for Barre exercise as well.  Then there are Pilates type moves added into the workout to offer an overall total body workout.

Now, I just recently tried a Barre class at the gym that I go to.  The class is offered to people of all skill levels.  For me, I was a total beginner.  Let me back up a moment.

Both of my girls had been encouraging me to try a Barre workout for sometime.  They know I love working out, but my workouts, especially group exercise classes, have always centered around those classes that are the “kick your bum “ and take names type of class.  You workout people know what I mean.  I love those types of classes.  But, my girls kept telling me.  “Try it, Mom.  You will like it.  It’s a great, hard work out.”  SSSShhh – I didn’t believe them.  LOL  I want fast moving, muscles burning stuff.  You know.

So, anyway.  At my new gym, I was taking Tabata classes.  They completely match my style for working out.  One of the gals I met in that class asked me if I had ever tried the “Barre” class.  My answer, “nope”.  She then told me that I should really check it out.  So, reluctantly, I decided to give it a whirl.  SSShhh – my girls would be aghast.  They had been telling me to go for years. 

On a Tuesday morning in late March, off I went.  Wow!  Boy, was I surprised.  Barre is hard.  It makes you work up a sweat.  You are literally toning every muscle in your body.  Barre at my gym has you working at the “barre”, then on a mat, then with weights, then with just your body weight, lots of good stuff.  The movements are slow and controlled. 

Remember, I am used to fast paced so this was a big change for me.  But, low and behold, I have found that I really like it.  It is toning my body in a way that I have never done.  It is targeting those muscles that I rarely get to work on and I decided that toning those muscles, like in the hips, is a really good thing for me at this moment when I am 39 and holding.  J

And, even better, it is a work out, but it is also a bit relaxing.  The music is soft and just instrumental.  The movements are slow and graceful.  I feel like a ballerina when I am in class and, believe me, I am no ballerina although I am in awe of them.  Secretly, I wished I had taken ballet as a child.  They are just so darn graceful.

So, if you are looking for a new work out that will challenge you in a good way, then look no further.  “Barre” is it.  It will challenge you.  Stretch you.  Tone you.  And relax you.  It’s really quite fun to try.

There are many places that you can do “Barre”.  My local gym has classes twice per week.  One Life Fitness offers Barre classes at certain locations.  Even the local cities offer some “Barre” classes as well. 

And, then there is Pure Barre.  The franchise that pretty much started the entire trend.  They have several locations and their program is great.  You just need to decide which avenue works best for you both time wise and money wise. 

For me, I am taking advantage of my local gym.  The class is great and convenient, so I will stick with that for now.

Happy, Healthy Living Friends!

And if you are ever over in my neck of the woods, I’ll Meet You at the Barre.

Have a Happy – Healthy – Blessed Day!

XO – Nikki


2 thoughts on “Meet You at the Barre

  1. It’s great to read about someone who loves barre as much as I do! Thank you for sharing about your experience with barre, Nikki. Have you ever thought about becoming a certified barre instructor? I think you would be great! I loved barre so much that I decided to get certified to teach it. I went through American Barre Technique because their certification is 100% online and I could work at my own pace in my spare time. You should check them out, I am so glad I got barre certified. Now I get to have fun while I “work,” here’s their website:

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