And So the Adventure Begins

Well, that sure went fast.  18 years of life, learning, and love at Norfolk Christian Schools and now, our youngest daughter has graduated and will be on to a new chapter.

A new chapter.  It sounds scary and exciting, doesn’t it?  Scary because closing old chapters closes the door on what is familiar and comfortable.  And believe me, we are all creatures of comfort and love when things feel familiar, safe.  Well, at least I feel that way.

And exciting because you get to try something new.  Maybe meet new people.  Go new places.   Get out of your comfort zone.

Isn’t it odd?  The parts that are scary about opening a new chapter are exactly the alter ego of what is exciting about a new chapter.  Right?  It’s just weird how it works that way.

In a very loose sense, closing new chapters and opening new chapters in life reminds me of the life of Jesus.

For 30 years, Jesus was in his comfy spot. His familiar place.  At home.  With family.  Working in his dad’s carpentry shop.  In many ways, he had a good life.  But, God closes that chapter of his life and calls Jesus to begin the journey that he was created to take.  It had to be scary.

So, the next chapter of the life of Jesus is filled with amazing things.  Miracles performed.  Water turned into wine.  Healing of the lame, the deaf, the blind.  Even the wind and waves obeyed his commands.  Stories were told and lessons taught that would impact people for generations to come.  This was a pretty astounding chapter.  And yet, even this chapter is not nearly the best chapter of the life of Jesus.  Oh no!  God is going to open the next chapter in his life that changes everything.  Everything!

It’s kind of like that.  In order for us to go to the places that God has destined for us, we must close old chapters and have enough faith to move on into the unknown.  Because, if you really think about it, our unknown is completely known by the father and he will be there to meet us every step of the way.  Our job is to just set our feet upon the path and he will do the guiding.

For my family, this new unknown includes an empty nest for the first time in many years.  And it feels very sad and exciting.  It’s new and, to be honest, it feels a bit scary for all of us.  I bet many of you can relate.

But, God is in this.  He has called us to raise our children in the admonition of the Lord and then let that little bird fly.  We must let them fly.  He is already there preparing the way for Abbey, for Brooke and for us.  He is already there preparing the way for you and your family.  We just must walk in faith and watch as God’s promises are fulfilled.

Remember …

“And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”

Isaiah 58:11

So, here’s to new chapters and adventures!

And as Abbey’s graduation cap said … “And So the Adventure Begins!”  Yes, yes it does.

Blessings –

XO  Nikki


grad cap 2

2 thoughts on “And So the Adventure Begins

  1. Rhonda Singer

    I’m so glad you expressed this sentiment concerning graduation. Graduation is an end. So something new must begin. Raise your kids with self confidence and a sense of purpose. Pour into them spiritually. Help them navigate through the experiences and challenges they may face. Then let them go. Give your kids wings. Be their biggest cheerleaders. Your child will develop confidence because you’re cheering them on. You will develop satisfaction because you will see their very own successes. Yes, there will be rough patches. But you’ve helped them through those too. This experience of letting go and watching them develop into strong young men and women of faith and character is quite rewarding. Let them fly! They know the way home.


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