5 Easy Ways to Add More Power to Your Punch

It’s the time of year of grad parties.  I have been to several and I love it because you get to see old friends and catch up on life. 

Well, I was at one of those grad parties recently and ran into an old friend.  We were laughing about the old days when she asked me, “Are you still working out?”  “Yep – sure am,” I replied.  She then reminded me of something funny that I used to do as a stay at home mom. 

Now back then, even though I belonged to a gym and went on a very regular basis to lift weights and take classes, there were just some days that I just could not get to the gym.  Those days I might be subbing at my daughters’ school or going on a field trip.  The fun things of being a mom.  Well, not being at the gym didn’t stop me from working out.  I still did a workout.  I just did it at home and sometimes with household objects nonetheless.  Let me explain. 

Back in those days, I did not have a workout room in my garage like I do now.  I didn’t even have a set of weights to lift, so I used paint cans.  Yep – paint cans were my weights.  I had totally forgotten that until my friend reminded me.  We had a good laugh, but it really got me thinking.  There are really some easy ways to workout at home and really just get your body moving, which is so good for your body and mind and costs no money.  No weights, no problem.

So, with that in mind, here are 5 easy ways that you can add power to your punch at home and maybe even get stronger to boot:

1.        Plank it Out

This little beauty is the fitness world’s go to move.  It offers so much punch in one little power move.  It tones your body, increases flexibility, and even increases your mood.  Wow! 

If you’re not sure what a plank is, it’s that move where you get down on your hands or elbows, and lift that body off the floor and stay only on your elbows or hands and your feet.  Hold your tummy in and look straight ahead.  Hold for as long as you can and work up to 1 minute.  Trust me, it’s hard but oh so worth it.  Wish I had a picture, but I had no photographer or tripod.  It’s now on my list.

Check out this article by Dr. Mercola: 


2.       Use Those Workout DVDs

If you can’t make it to the gym, make your living room, spare bedroom, etc…  your home workout gym.  Grab a DVD and pop it in.  There are countless workout DVDs on the market, so pick your poison and get moving.  With all of these items so readily available, getting fit and improving overall well being was never so easy. 

For me, I love anything Jillian Michaels.  I have a ton of her stuff and it never fails to deliver a good workout.  You can get her stuff and ideas on her site, or you can buy her stuff on Ebay.  That’s what I do.  🙂


A great, overall body workout is Kickboxing!  Trust me.  It’s true.  Can’t get to the gym?  No Problem.  I found an awesome kickboxing routine with Jeanette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer.   Completely amazing.  She is sweet and very easy to follow along.  Her stuff is on You Tube as well.  I bought my kickboxing dvd on Ebay.  Or here is her website.


3.       Use your Smart TV/Phone and Be Smart – Get Moving 

If you are like most millennials and even some crossovers, you may not even own a DVD player.  Have no fear!  I bet you own a computer or maybe a Smart TV.  Go online and find your workout pleasure.  There are literally millions of sites and workouts available.  Pull up workouts and do them.  Working out was never so easy.

Try these:


This is a super cool workout, healthy living site.  She has excellent workout videos, ideas, and much more.

NOTE:  access to some of her stuff requires a subscription


This Aussie girl has cool workouts and apps on your phone.  I like that she has quick, 28 minute routines.  Totally doable in most every schedule. 

NOTE:  access to some of her stuff requires a subscription


This little Aussie has a great blog and great workout ideas on it.  I am definitely trying her “Skip It Good” series.  Yay!  Reminds me of my childhood.

4.       Brush – Brush – Squat – Squat

It does not get any easier than this.  When you brush your teeth, hopefully at least twice per day, don’t just stand there brushing in ultimate boredom.  No!  Instead, use that time to do 10 squats, or more if you like. 

Think of this.  Just 20 little squats per day adds up to 140 squats for the week.  When is the last time you did 140 squats?   And in your ultimate convenience.  Believe me, your body and your booty will thank me for this.

5.       Practice Perfect Posture

The benefits of good posture are almost innumerable.  Good posture is just so important and having good posture burns calories, tones the body, increases spine strength and more.  So sit up straight, just like mom used to say, it pays off.

Check out this great article about good posture:


Now, there you have it.  5 simple, easy ways to add more zip to your day and get that body moving!  You can thank me later!

Now go crush that workout!

Blessings – Nikki


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