Do you feel it? It’s cold. It’s overwhelming. It’s ugly. It’s hateful. It spews lies and hides truth. It calls it “my truth” instead of what is eternally true. It pits people against each other based on things that are lies. It says we are divided and broken beyond repair.

There are times in the world’s history of brokenness beyond repair. Extreme measures were deemed, but only the LORD deems those, not man. Not any man. Only GOD will bring extreme measures. For now, and I pray forever, we are a nation – Under God. GOD! The one true God. You can believe what you want, but the Bible is very clear. There is only ONE, TRUE God. He will not be mocked by anyone. Anyone! What God hates, we should hate. What God loves, we should love.

Yet  it’s here. THE DARKNESS is here. It’s all around us. Do you feel it? I do. Abundantly. And it’s overwhelming. Yet, my heart has hope.

You may remember, DARKNESS has been around almost forever. Forever. Yet, there is one. ONE who overcomes THE DARKNESS. There is one who is the light shining amongst it.  There is the ONE who is called THE LIGHT and he brings it to overcome and split the darkness.

You may remember that day thousands of years ago. He prayed over and over to his father. His burden was so great, so heavy that he sweated drops of blood. BLOOD. He knew the story. He had written the story. THE DARKNESS would overtake him. THE LIGHT would go out. OUT. THE LIGHT of the world would go out. He knew it. He asked for a way out, but ultimately, he knew the truth. THE LIGHT must go out.

And so on that day, that Friday many thousands of years ago, THE DARKNESS reigned. THE DARKNESS had fooled them all into believing that THE LIGHT was a threat and must die. Reminds me of today. In many ways, DARKNESS reigns.

And on that day, thousands of years ago, physical darkness overcame the land for three hours. The day had become night. Physical darkness had come just as DARKNESS overshadowed THE LIGHT.

But THE LIGHT. THE LIGHT. He knew the story. He knew the ending. He knew the power.

THE DARKNESS could not hold him! Every chain was broken! The Gates of Hell held no authority over him. THE LIGHT came to life and shattered THE DARKNESS forever! Forever! Just because it may not be “your truth” doesn’t mean that it is NOT true. Read the Bible, friend. Read it! It tells the truth! Jesus is THE WAY – the TRUTH – and THE LIFE. He is THE LIGHT of the world that no one can extinguish. EVER. He is alive today and he reigns! With that alone, we have hope!

THE DARKNESS we have in America right now is real. You can feel it. And it’s downright terrifying. But, I know and I pray that, as a nation Under God, the sleeping giants will awake and remember who they belong to. They will remember who inspired our founding fathers to oppose tyranny and one rule to birth a nation full of opportunity for people. Opportunity for ALL people. A chance AND a country to make something for themselves and those they love. A nation under God.

No, it’s not a perfect nation, far from it, but IT IS the nation that God breathed life into for his people. IT IS the nation that people all over the world want to come to so that they can have opportunity for themselves. And it brings people from all over the world to hear the one, true gospel. THE ONE, TRUE GOSPEL! Praise Jesus!

The Bible tells us that God is looking to bring all back to him, and when they come here, to America, they can hear it. THE TRUTH! We CANNOT let THE DARKNESS overcome. We must share this good news of Jesus in a FREE nation of opportunity for ALL.

FEAR NOT, my friends, THE LIGHT is overcoming the world! THE LIGHT is overcoming THE DARKNESS! THE LIGHT will bless this nation as the sleeping giants awake and say unabashedly:



Join me in praying for our nation. Join me in voting FOR AMERICA, not tyranny. Join me in loving what God loves. Now, Let’s Roll!

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…” – Romans 1:16

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

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Is it FRESH?

Getting a Fresh Perspective – HOPE in a Dark World

Ever ended up in place you really needed to be? Like you know that God intervened and  put you in just the right  place at the right time? That was me two weekends ago. Abbey and I went to Brooke’s to visit and we all went to her church for a women’s conference.

The conference was called FRESH and I remember thinking, “Huh? Fresh? That seems like an odd name for a conference.

Well, little did I know. That word FRESH is exactly what fell  on me. A FRESH perspective. A FRESH hope and a FRESH realization that boy am I blessed. I don’t lead a perfect life, friends. I sure don’t. Far from it. But boy I lead a blessed life. Blessed. Thank you, Jesus. Read More

Dear 2018 …

Well, here you are.  A new year.  If I say that I am so glad that 2017 is over, that would be very true, but 2017 also brought some great memories.

A trip to Europe where memories that will last a lifetime were created.  What a blessing to see the beautiful world and spend three weeks with my sweet, grown up girl. 

Then a trip to St. Thomas where toes in the sand and long breakfasts by the sea with my sweet, second girlie will forever be remembered. 

To a high school graduation and now the babies are all grown.  Wow – where did that time go? Read More

Puppy Love and Pampered Pooches

So, I’ve been trying to get back to posting on my blog.  Summer has been fun and I am so behind.  Well, here’s one reason.  See picture above.

Back in the old days, it was hard to get things done at home because I had a baby on my lap.  Can anyone relate?  Well, now the babies are grown and this furry baby has decided she needs a lap too.

She cries and cries until you pick her up.  Crazy Holly!  Love her, but how can I write with this crazy critter on my lap?  Answer:  Not very well.  🙂

Well, anyway, I’m working on things and moving this critter along.

Anyone else have crazy, furry babies who need that extra lovin’ too?

I’d love to see and hear about them.  🙂

And, yes, Holly is getting a new life and I have a new blog post coming next week.

Woo hoo!  Back on track!

XO – Nikki




Why Kids Should be Exercising

Back in the good, old days, okay, even just 20 years ago, kids went outside during recess and in the neighborhood to play games like Tag, Freeze Tag, Red Light, Green Light and more.  Kids, especially girls, would spend countless minutes swinging or jumping rope.  Even jumping rope on one foot.  These games were a great break from school and were a great way to gather up neighborhood friends and just play.  Very little equipment needed, just your body and mind.

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Welcome to Living the Chappy Life!

Hello Friend !

I am so glad that you have stopped by!

My name is Nikki Chaplain.  I’m a West Virginia girl living near the beach who loves the Lord, my family, great food, stories, reading, teaching, chocolate, fellowship, exercising, and much more!  You will discover that I am a highly passionate person about the things I love dearly!

I’m a mom of two lovely girls and two four-legged cutie pies:

Brooke, 22, WVU grad and a brand new TV Journalist

Abbey, 18, high school senior and newly accepted JMU girl

Jack – 14, a silly Jack-Ratt Terrier who loves to jump and play ball

Holly, 6, our sassy, little Mini Dachshund who loves to talk and rule the roost

I am married to my high school sweetheart for over 25 years and enjoying the ride of a crazy life together!

So – welcome!  I pray that you will visit often and be blessed, even in small ways, by visiting –  Living the Chappy Life – because a good life is all about faith – family and healthy living!  Enjoy all of them in huge doses!

Xo – Nikki