Why Kids Should be Exercising

Back in the good, old days, okay, even just 20 years ago, kids went outside during recess and in the neighborhood to play games like Tag, Freeze Tag, Red Light, Green Light and more.  Kids, especially girls, would spend countless minutes swinging or jumping rope.  Even jumping rope on one foot.  These games were a great break from school and were a great way to gather up neighborhood friends and just play.  Very little equipment needed, just your body and mind.

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Prayer is Like an Umbrella

   Now I lay me down to sleep. 

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Watch me safely through the night.

And wake me with the morning light.

I remember those words so clearly.  It was the nighttime prayer that we said with our girls for many, many years.  Of course our girls, to this very day, could probably tell you verbatim what they spoke next– “I’m special.  I’m a Winner.  Jesus loves me.”

Oh he does, he does.

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Reflections from a Mother’s Heart

And there it was.  I was driving out of the neighborhood, headed to the grocery store, when I spotted it.  It was a familiar darkish-orange and yellow.  It was shaped like a little car.  It was a Cozy Coupe! It was sitting in the front yard of a neighbor and, to top it off, the car was smiling at me.  I immediately had to take a picture.  It brought back a flood of memories.

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Come to the Altar

     It’s a cold March morning here in Virginia and I am listening to music.  I love music!  Love it!  I really love all genres of music.  So, have you ever heard that song “Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship?  “Come to the Altar” is such a blessing to me each and every time I hear it.  What does that mean though?  Come to the Altar?  Which altar?  I don’t have an altar, or so we think.

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Welcome to Living the Chappy Life!

Hello Friend !

I am so glad that you have stopped by!

My name is Nikki Chaplain.  I’m a West Virginia girl living near the beach who loves the Lord, my family, great food, stories, reading, teaching, chocolate, fellowship, exercising, and much more!  You will discover that I am a highly passionate person about the things I love dearly!

I’m a mom of two lovely girls and two four-legged cutie pies:

Brooke, 22, WVU grad and a brand new TV Journalist

Abbey, 18, high school senior and newly accepted JMU girl

Jack – 14, a silly Jack-Ratt Terrier who loves to jump and play ball

Holly, 6, our sassy, little Mini Dachshund who loves to talk and rule the roost

I am married to my high school sweetheart for over 25 years and enjoying the ride of a crazy life together!

So – welcome!  I pray that you will visit often and be blessed, even in small ways, by visiting –  Living the Chappy Life – because a good life is all about faith – family and healthy living!  Enjoy all of them in huge doses!

Xo – Nikki